Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Megan & Mark- 10-8-2011 Wedding! (Columbia City, IN Wedding Photographers)

Megan and Mark are one of those couples that are ridiculously meant for each other! No question- this match was made in heaven! We had a ton of fun doing their engagement photos in the rain, back in May. We were very excited to shoot their ceremony in Merriam, and their reception in Columbia City. You may remember their Sneak Peek, but if not, just click the link!

We started out the night before with a small disaster, as our car broke down on the way to their rehearsal. I ended up walking about a mile to get to the church, and we had to borrow a car to make the wedding, but I was determined to get there at any cost!

This was the first wedding that Samuel got to shoot entirely with me, and I have to share a funny story first before we get to photos. Skip ahead if you don't care, but you'll be missing out! Men who shoot weddings need to be more in touch with their feminine side, and I like to remind & tease Sam about that. This was the first time he had gotten to help me shoot the bride's details and as I came out with Megan's wedding dress he gasped, and said "It's so beautiful!!" and I, of course, said "Be a MAN!" Ha ha! I actually love that he could appreciate the uniqueness and delicacy of a wedding dress, and it is part of why he is so good at what he does.

Ceremony- Merriam Christian Chapel
Officiant-  Mark Woods
Hair & Makeup- Natalie Bonar of Mirror Image Salon
Florist- Bride & Bridesmaids made their own
Cake Designer- Erma Eash (Groom's Sister)
Reception/Catering- Eagle's Nest Event Center
DJ- Dance N' Sound

 The bride & her bridesmaids MADE these bouquets!! Love the creativity!

 These were also handmade-
 It may have taken time to get that dress laced up, but it was worth it! Megan looked amazing!
Mark's mother is so sweet & I just love this look she flashed me here!
 Gotta love when the groom sees his wife for the first time!!

 Someone was so excited they used their bubbles during the recessional-
 This Unity Cross was made by Megan & Mark during their ceremony. It was a really unique touch-
 I love these little girls, waiting to blow bubbles!

These two are just so suited for each other-
 I always love watching guys figure out how to bustle the dress-
 We made this engagement book for their guests to sign-
 Couldn't resist the M&Ms... ;-)
 Megan & her mom made this super cute groom's cake-
 And Mark's talented sister made the cake-
 I love when couples agree to go out for sunset photos-
 My First Dance shot, beside Sam's-
 Dollar dance fun-
 Sometimes it is so hard to leave the party... So we keep on find things to photograph!
 Dear Megan & Mark, thank you for being so patient & understanding! Sorry it took me so long to blog your wedding, but I hope you enjoy reliving your magical day again through this post! We're so glad we were able to serve you on your wedding day, and love knowing you already treasure your photos! ~Naomi

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