Friday, December 30, 2011

Update, Cute Photos and on to the New Year! (Warsaw IN Photographer)

I'm way behind on things at the moment. So I'm going to distract you first, with these cute photos of my family's dog- Professor at Christmas. He is a Boston Terrier/Pug mix (a Bug!) and thinks he is a human:

None of us have had the heart to really tell him he wasn't born into the family, so he is often found sitting in an empty seat, around the table, listening to conversation & always keeping an eye on any food that might not be missed!

So now that I've hopefully softened your heart a little, I must get down to business. I had really hoped to accomplish a certain amount of things by the end of the year, and anyone who has been following along knows that I'm behind on blogging. Weddings, in particular. Back in October things started to get a little out of hand- Sam's grandfather had passed away, our car died, we were shooting a wedding every weekend, and I wasn't able to maintain my usual pattern of things needed to stay healthy. Once one thing started to unravel, things just kept getting a little worse. In between shooting weddings we had a trip up to Michigan for the memorial service. It meant getting to see family, but it also meant having to say goodbye. Then a few weeks ago one of our elderly cats, Quarter, took a turn for the worse and we had to say goodbye to her as well. We fixed our car, but it cost us more than a down payment for a new car would! (It was a month away from being paid off!) Anyway, I could continue whining, but what happened was I slacked off. I got my editing done, I posted a few photos, I moved on to the next job. I was just floating by, and I hated it.

I got caught up in worrying about a new website, trying to find the time to do things that turned out not to be so important, and I neglected my fans. I'm sorry for that. I realize that life often has a way of getting out of hand, but I need to be more steady in my work, in my blogging, and I need to create goals & fulfill them!

So here's what is in the works for Double K in 2012-

I'm working on a blog schedule. So that sessions get blogged & people can see them! I'm also scheduling in the ones I'm late with, so they get seen too!

Both Sam & I are continuing our educations. We've acquired new skills throughout this year, and while we were surprised as how quickly we learned things, there is still a vast amount of photography knowledge, and business knowledge too, for us to grasp.

We're raising our prices. We've got equipment needing upgrades, insurance premiums that need to be paid, and we've reached a point where we realized we were worth more than we were getting paid. Our pricing is going to be structured a little different- hopefully it'll make a little more sense- and we really feel it will be worth it! (Pricing will be changing in Feb 2012)

On the same vein- we will be offering film sessions. It's a different style that we actually love, and once we've figured out how to package it, we'll be offering sessions where we photograph in film only. Retro, groovy, and totally fun! We will be giving away a few sessions as we work to add this to our business, so keep an eye out!!

Rewards for being a fan! We've offered contests in the past, and hosted giveaways too. We are hoping to create a better plan to reward clients who give us referrals, and we're hoping to do some things just for plain ol' fun!

We want to thank everyone who supported & encouraged us through this year. We've been so touched by how many clients we reached this year, and how much we've grown! It has been especially touching to meet people who felt they knew us through our blog (and a reason I should keep it updated!) and to have brides & grooms who loved us so much they sent their friends to us too! We've loved watching Double K grow, and we have you and God to thank for it all! ~Naomi

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