Sunday, October 9, 2011

Megan and Mark- Sneak Peek! (Indiana Wedding Photographer)

Megan and Mark are so perfect for each other... and anyone and everyone can see it! We feel like we've been so blessed to have such amazing, and adorable, couples to photograph!! So here is a tiny glimpse of how their fairytale day went down!

I couldn't resist this shot- since both their initials are now M.M.!
Trading up for a little walk down the aisle!
 Sam got this one- they are just so cute together!
Sam caught this one too, and it is so cute (and random, I'll admit), but I felt it belonged:
Ok, seriously loving this one (also by Sam) Megan looks like she stepped out of a bridal magazine, and those fall colors are awesome!
This is a good example of why you should listen to your wedding photographer, if she suggests leaving the reception to get more photos *grin*-
And I cannot ever resist adding a First Dance photo, because they are magic:
This little one had the moves:
 I'm ending with this one, because it says what we all feel- Happy Trails, you two!

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