Saturday, May 21, 2011

Megan & Mark- Engagement Session (Fort Wayne, IN Wedding Photographer)

 Two horses, one dog and a whole lotta love!

I have to say this before we start- my husband is the best assistant ever. Not only does he get me my water bottle, carry my camera(s) & bag, give brilliant suggestions and capture moments of pure emotion... but he also lets me take his hands in mine, and say completely crazy things like "Let's shoot this next engagement session like it's a wedding!" So we did!

Mark is one very blessed man, and he knows it. Megan's entire face lights up when she's talking about him. I noticed that from the moment we met her and started talking wedding. These two met while working on a roping team, and I can just imagine him noticing her right from the start! I don't see how anyone could miss her! In addition to being gorgeous, she's sweet, fun & smiles so easily. Since horses had a hand in their matchmaking, it wouldn't have been a fitting engagement session without them! Add in one adorable miniature Australian Shepherd named Spur and we've got ourselves a party!

It's so wonderful to work with couples who are gorgeous, fun and trust us to do our job! We really enjoy our job, and I think it shows!

I love the shot above where he is carrying her- he didn't want her to get her shoes muddy! How cute is that?!

Have I mentioned how adorable they are?! Ha ha! And it was so nice to meet a couple who doesn't argue or fight either! (Sometimes Sam & I wonder if something is wrong with us because we get on so well- so it was good to meet a couple who hasn't had much more than a little arguement in 3 years! Just like us!)

Kissing in the rain can be so much fun! (Did I mention it rained for the better half of this session, but we still rocked it anyway! I love how you can just see it in these photos, a tiny bit!)

Can't wait for the wedding, you two! It is going to be one amazing day!! ~Naomi
Feel free to watch their slideshow too! There are plenty more photos on our website as well!

Megan Martin & Mark Miller- Engagement from Naomi & Samuel Karth on Vimeo.
Photography by Double K

Naomi & Samuel Karth

Music by Bret Michaels

"All I Ever Needed"

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