Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Heidi & Paul- Engagement! (Warsaw IN Wedding Photographer)

I love this couple. LOVE them! I don't think I have ever smiled so much for a session, and I was behind the camera!!

From the moment I met Heidi, who is the sweetest person, I was in love with her, her fiancé, and her wedding! However, I don't like to feel as though I've rushed people into hiring us, so I usually leave them the decision to contact us with the good news. While I waited for her email, I was secretly plotting ways to some how meet her & Paul again, or maybe stalk their wedding. See, from the moment I met Heidi she was positively beaming, or so I thought. When I asked her about Paul, she went super-nova! The girl is IN LOVE!

Well, lucky for me, a few days later I got the email that made me jump out of my chair & do a little dance!! (Yes, I'm a nerd!) I'm doing the wedding, and I get to do an engagement session too! (Note to future brides, we do your engagement session for no charge if you hire us for the wedding- and our engagement sessions are awesome- as you will see!)

Our first date for an e-session was rained out... and I told them it was probably for the best. I believe everything happens for a reason! We were finally able to get a date where Paul was in town, and the sun wasn't playing hide-and-seek too much- and boy did we have fun!

I've been trying to do some new and different things this year, and one is that we shoot massive engagement sessions, and now I'm going to try to blog what I feel is enough to give you a sufficient taste of our evening together! Additionally, I asked both the bride & groom to give me a reason why they love each other, and it made me positively melt:

"His gigantic smile
He loves God
The way he looks at me with those green eyes
He really listens to me"
"Her smile pulled me in and is never letting go" 
See what I mean? I LOVE these two!! And now, on to the magic we found between them:
Ok, so I actually just found this, but HAD to use it!
See what I mean about smiling?! 
And now a location & outfit change, because we can!
And then we changed locations again, because Paul had proposed at Center Lake!
You gotta shoot the bling!
And then they came up with the ideal of "Taking the plunge" for real!!!

If you haven't got enough of them, you are welcomed to view their gallery on our website... or take a peek at their slide show!

Photography by Double K

Heidi & Paul, Sam and I are thrilled to be shooting your wedding! We can't wait until next month!! ~Naomi


  1. Un-freaking-believeable photos! Why aren't you famous yet?

  2. Thanks! I think we kinda like being a little unknown, because it makes us seem special. :)


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