Sunday, October 31, 2010

Laura & Ben- Warsaw Engagement Photography Oct 2010

Love on the golf course... Laura & Ben both grew up on golf courses, Ben is a golf professional & they even got engaged on the green! So naturally, the golf course is where we went for engagement photos. These two are so sweet and fun, and it looks like they're going to have a great married life ahead of them!

Since neither Sam nor I had ever stepped foot on a golf course, we were a bit worried about breaking some unknown, but unforgiving rule of being out there. Luckily I think we did okay, for newbies, and my worst fear (a shattered lens from a flying white ball) did not come true! Whew! Thanks for a great afternoon, Laura & Ben! We're glad you love the photos & we cannot wait to shoot your wedding! ~Naomi

Ok, the blue sky- just yum!

This is a Sam catch-

And this one too-

I love how Laura is glowing here, and Ben looks so protective- definitely sparks flying here!

I had to use Sam's camera to capture this while we were bumping along on the course, but I'm glad I caught it:

And here is their video of all the photos:

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