Friday, November 5, 2010


We have a new addition to our household- Sawyer. We found her under the empty house next door, screaming her little head off. It appears her real mother was unable to continue to care for her, and we get the pleasure. I knew it was a lost cause as soon as my husband saw her! So she's staying & our cat count moves up to seven now.

The amusing thing in all of this has been our 1 year old cat, Felix. Felix is one of our more self-centered felines. He seems to care mostly about his tummy being full, and he purrs a lot. He did NOT purr when we introduced him to little Sawyer. In fact, he hissed & raced away. However... a few days later, perhaps because he realized that leftover kitten food is yummy, or maybe he just felt sorry for her, he started to clean Sawyer! Now, he follows her around, cleaning her & acting ever so much like a mommy! It's so cute I just had to share these photos of the two- Felix, the most unlikeliest Mommy ever, and little orphan Sawyer! ~Naomi

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