Sunday, October 24, 2010

Walking the walk

This photo means many things for me... for over a year now I have faithfully been walking outdoors almost every day. That means I've lost weight. That means I've been able to watch nature change. That means I've also gotten to be a better photographer, as each day usually finds me with a camera in tow!

This is my "wedding ring". My original ring, a beautifully hand carved wooden ring, made with extreme love by a friend, no longer fits me. It is actually two sizes too big now! My current ring was picked mainly because the color of peridot is similar to a tennis ball... and it was in my price range! But now it is too big as well, and often slips off my finger- which is how I ended up with this shot. I was walking along Beyer Farm greenway, with my camera, snapping the fall colors. My ring slipped off my finger, and I decided I'd better capture a shot of it before it is gone for good! (I have a habit that when I lose things- I lose them for good! The same thing goes for breaking things- if I break it, it won't be repairable!)

I hope you enjoy the what this photo captures- the warmth of the changing season, the hope of changing a body for the better, and the symbol of a love that never ends. ~Naomi

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