Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Things I See- Our doggies (Warsaw, IN Pet Photographer)

Some of my personal posts are way more personal than others. This would be one of them. Our dogs are our "kids". We don't have kids yet, but we sure do use our dogs as practice! When we lost Duke over a month ago, we decided to dedicate more time to photographing our dogs. It felt like we just didn't have enough moments of them. So here's a compilation of several outing where we grabbed the film camera and took them for some fun. ~Naomi

 They love splashing around in the creek, so we had to include that in our day trips!

 Miles is our silly guy- if anyone can make you laugh with just a look, it's him!
 He's also become quite the water dog lately- I love how you can see the water splashes on Sam's pants!
 These are our kids, and we love them.

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