Sunday, May 20, 2012

Johannah & Anthony- Sneak Peek! (Warsaw, IN Wedding Photographers)

I like even numbers... so when I found myself with 15 picks for the sneak, I was glad I got to go back and pick one more to make it the "right" number! This wedding was just so much fun, and I love what we have to share!

Johannah and Anthony had a gorgeous sunny day to get married by the lake. We were blessed not only to be there to capture their day unfold, but to also have a new friend by our sides to learn and photograph with us. It couldn't have been more perfect, and I'm so delighted to share this with you!

 The rings were captured by our secondary photographer, Josh Malik, of Joshua Malik Photography. Be sure to check his work out! This kid will go places!
Custom Converse? Yes, PLEASE!

 And finally, together & ready to roll!
I don't usually post groups, but I had to share these... Bridesmaids, ala Bridesmaids
 And Groomsmen, ala.... Hangover? Sometimes I don't ask, I just shoot, I laugh, but I don't ASK!
This was just the cutest thing ever!
 I had tears in my eyes! I love this couple so much, and it was so great to see them starting their life together!
Presenting Mr & Mrs Gilbert!!
 In a little different move here, I'm going to skip reception photos in favor of some amazing portraits we did after the reception. Normally I prefer to do portraits before the ceremony, if possible, but we ended up doing an extra hour of portraits after everything was done, and it was pretty awesome!

Another catch by Josh here-
I love this one Sam got too-
This one was so cute I had to share!
 And to make it official-
Johannah and Anthony, from the moment I met you two I wanted to photograph your wedding! I'm so glad we were able to work together & I hope this little taste of what we captured makes you glad too! Have a fabulous time in Florida & we'll be catching up with you in a few weeks!! ~Naomi

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