Thursday, May 10, 2012

Things I See- Django Karth! (Warsaw IN Pet Photographer)

I'll admit- it's been a rough 7 months. Sam's Grandpa, an amazing and irreplaceable force in our lives, passed away. Then we lost our precious senior cat, Quarter, to cancer. Then just a month ago our beloved Duke, a pitbull you couldn't help adore, was also lost to cancer.

We had talked about getting another dog, and decided to wait. Quarter's vacant place was filled because a friend messaged me on Facebook, having a homeless senior cat who needed a place to go- and that was how we ended up with Jedi. But we thought we'd try to live with just the two dogs...

Until Saturday, when some friends called us because they couldn't keep a stray terrier they had found. When we arrived to pick him up, we discovered he was a puppy! (I'm not a big fan of house training, etc and had vowed no more puppies- there are plenty of adult dogs who need adopted!) Well, it did not take long for this little guy to worm his way into our hearts- like 10, 15 seconds, tops!

And so, we now have Lizy, Miles, and Django Karth, in our troop of fuzzy "kids".

The thing is... he needed us... But we needed him too.

Welcome, Django! Thanks for helping us laugh! ~Naomi

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