Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Courtney & Jeremy- Wedding! (Warsaw, IN Wedding Photography)

There is so much to love about Courtney and Jeremy's intimate Brown County Wedding. We were blessed with a gorgeous day to capture their wedding and family gathering afterward. I think one particular blessing of having a small wedding (and I can completely relate because our own wedding was only 5 people!) is you can completely hand-pick everything, and put your personal touch on it. It makes it a wonderful day for all involved, and it gives the photographer a great many things to photograph!

 Did I mention how gorgeous it was that day?!!

 I wasn't sure this would look good, but I like it-
 I always get teary during the rings-
 And that first kiss!!
 Then we went and did formal portraits in Brown County State Park. It is amazing there- and we only stopped at a couple places!
 Had to share this one because it is so cute!
 LOVE the custom TOMS-
 After that we headed back to the cabins for their cake & punch reception, with family.
 I love this capture Sam got of Courtney gazing at her new husband! Precious!
I loved that they changed into going-away outfits! They look so cute either way!
Courtney and Jeremy, we hope your day was as wonderful as you had imagined! May your photos serve as a reminder of how important you are two each other, and how incredibly beautiful your special wedding day was! ~Naomi

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