Monday, April 30, 2012

I *heart* shoes! (Warsaw, IN Wedding Photographer)

I love shoes. I adore them! Ask my husband- he'll roll his eyes and groan, but he'll definitely agree. A couple weeks ago I heard a brilliant woman call into the christian radio station I listen to on my way to work- she told the morning guys that God gave women a sense of style, and that when we buy shoes, we are just fulfilling the way God created us!! Made. My. Day.

So when you see a shoe shot (or six from me), you probably think my closet is filled with similar awesomeness...

And the answer is- Nope. :(

Sadly, I have ginormous feet (womens size 12, and mens size 10 1/2), and they don't really make pretty shoes for giants. Well, they do, but they are super expensive and not very comfortable... so I get to settle for the normal, boring ones that are affordable, look like what your grandma (and mine) wear, but usually are quite comfy too.

I love how brides personalize their wedding day by all having unique shoes. I always try to capture the shoes, even if they say they don't want that shot, because I see a little bit (or a lot!) of the bride in her shoes.

If you are currently planning a wedding, my advice to you is to go colorful, and to go comfy too! Even if no one is going to see your shoes, you will know what is under that train all day, and you should be able to take pride in that!

My husband likes to tease me about my "shoe fetish" as he calls it. I recently lectured him on how I'm just a little bit jealous every time I get to photograph some lucky gal's shoes. I don't have cute shoes... I only get to take photos of them. BUT, I think that's part of why I get such great shots of them. They are really important to me, and I cherish that little detail! And I hope you will too! ~Naomi


  1. TOTALLY stealing the bit about fullfilling God's purpose by buying shoes. LOVE it! I agree she was brilliant! =)

  2. Yay, a comment! Lol

    That made me smile all day- even if I didn't get to fulfil my purpose. ;)


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