Friday, May 25, 2012

Mini Sessions!!! (Warsaw, IN Family Photographers)

After requests for them, and the debate about whether or not I wanted to do them, I finally decided to give offering mini-sessions a whirl! The funds raised from these will be going directly into my FIND workshop fund, and you can rest assured you will profit from this in the future! :)

So here's the details-
Please note- we have added an additional day to this, Sessions are also available on Sunday June 17th. (Your invoice will still read the 10th, but your initial email should specify which date you prefer.) The June 17th sessions will be photographed by Naomi Karth, and an associate photographer.

Location will be Pike Lake Campground, with the option to go out on Beyer Farm Trails. Session need to be reserved via payment by Fri June 1st. We are trying out a new invoicing system, so if you are wanting a slot, email us & we will send you an invoice through which you can pay, via credit card.

The rain date for the 10th sessions will be the following Sunday, June 17th, and the rain date for the 17th, will be the 24th. (Obviously if we use the rain date for the 10th sessions, the 17th sessions will automatically be moved to the 24th.)

Session times will be first come, first serve. Email today!

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