Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What we are working on... (Warsaw, IN Wedding Photographers)

I'm behind on blogging again, and instead to posting the latest & greatest, or even finally getting our last wedding for 2011 up, I'm going to post about my heart. You can see my heart in the photo above- the two loves of my life: My husband, and my film camera.

Film has actually become rather trendy in photography these days, weddings in particular. I'm not shooting film because it is cool. I'm shooting it because it is where my heart is. I'm following my heart. Doing what I love. And while I love shooting weddings- what I love MOST is shooting film.

In a move that is huge for me, Samuel and I made the decision to have me attend a workshop in Chicago in July called FIND (Film Is Not Dead). I'm going because I am trying to reconnect with what I truly love, and trying to spread my wings.

Even though growth requires pain, I am loving where I am going. And I hope you do too. ~Naomi

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