Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My awesome sister!

The other day Samuel and I were heading out on the trails to blow some film, and hopefully take some new photos of "us". Lately we just haven't been able to capture what we want, via tripod, so on a whim we asked my 12 year old sister if she'd help us out. I've taught her about basic exposure and such in the past and she showed great promise just playing around. She was game, so I showed her what I wanted, and well, the results blew us away! Thank you SO MUCH, Emmalee, for helping us!

 This is the only one I had to help her with- she wasn't sure how to meter it properly.
This was her suggestion- LOVE it!
 A few shots Sam got of her-

 Chimping to see what she'd got- it was amazing stuff!
While I was working today I had an EP I downloaded on repeat. Check out Laura K Balke if you are looking for some awesome local talent! I'll leave you with this:

"Living is messy business if you are doing it right.
I want to go to bed with my feet dirty tonight.
Loving is gonna hurt you, but I think it's worth the price.
Like grass stains on my jeans, and a ruined bike."

~Sticks And Stones (Laura K Balke)

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