Wednesday, April 6, 2011

To boudie, or not to boudie...

I (Naomi) shoot boudoir & pin-up style photography. It took me a little while to build up the nerve to talk about this. For some people, this style of photography is completely unacceptable to them. I realize that I might even lose potential clients because of this, but I wanted to feel honest with myself and you. I also wanted to give my current clients and fans the opportunity to see just how diverse our photography interests are. My husband loves photographing birds... I love helping women get in touch with their sexy side. We each of our own little niche!

For the past couple years I have been working very hard to lose weight. I rewarded myself with a boudoir photo shoot when I reached a certain weight goal- and I LOVED it! It was so much fun, and it was also so very liberating! So, with a deep breath, I told my husband I wanted to start offering that style of photography myself. He didn't think I was crazy- in fact, he is so supportive of my ideas I sometimes think he might be the crazy one!

I put the word out for some models, did a couple shoots & we were in business. I have to tell you- I have more fun at a boudoir photo session than I do almost any other! We laugh, we giggle, we get to be women & enjoy ourselves.

I did want to keep our Double K site PG, and respect those who don't wish to view boudoir photography, so I created a different website, and I even use a separate studio name. I offer privacy options for my models & I only use photos that they approve on the site. You are under no obligation to check out my website, but if you are interested, you can find it here (Please note, I'd rate this site PG-13. I don't want to show too much, and many of my models appreciate that less is more anyway.)

I use a female assistant & Sam actually is in NO WAY involved with this side of our business. He didn't want to be, and that just makes one more reason I love him! He does, however, help me design lighting & shoots me when I want to do personal sessions. The following photo is from a pinup style shoot I did for myself.

I completely understand if this isn't your type of photography, but if you are interested, and you've been on the fence about doing it- let me say this: Do. It. Definitely! You won't regret it! ~Naomi

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