Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Game... Set... MATCH!

My husband, Samuel, and I met because of a tennis ball. Yep.

It's a story that can't really be shortened much, but it started with Samuel carrying a tennis ball ("Wilson") around with him. He ended up being known in his neighborhood as "The Tennis Ball Kid". He used the moniker for his online user-name. We met online, and as a result, became pretty good friends. Best of friends, actually. We had so many things in common, but one thing I had and he didn't, was digital cameras. So, one day, I mailed him one of mine. He had need for a creative outlet, and I didn't really NEED two!

Soon he started taking photos of his tennis ball friend. I picked up (or rescued, if you prefer) a stray tennis ball or two in the process and started taking photos of my version of "Wilson" also.

One day we decided that the two tennis balls needed to meet........... you see where I'm going, right?!

Best friends turned into more than just friends, and on our wedding day, "Wilson" was definitely a guest! He even took his place in photos of us!

I could not be happier for deciding to pick up a stray ball or two... for I ended up meeting my soul mate as a result! I love you so much, Sweetie! ~Naomi

In the photos above, the first is Samuel's current camera, focusing on a Christmas ornament I painted for him- of Wilson, of course! The second shot is a detail of the ornament.

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