Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Shoe Tree

Samuel and I learned the value of sometimes getting lost on our honeymoon. We were traveling through Cincinnati, and we needed to be ON the interstate, but instead we were UNDERNEATH it! And we just couldn't seem to find a way to get on... as we wandered around lost, in our little shiny red car, we came upon an incredible selection of art, smack dab underneath the interstate- murals, sculptures and the like! We stopped, and as cars whizzed by above us, we wandered around with our cameras, and promised ourselves we'd never stress out about "getting lost" again.

Almost four years later, and we're still ok with sometime falling off the beaten path. An example would be Tuesday, when we missed our turn to go to his aunt's house.

No big deal, we'll just turn down this random country road & turn around....

and then....

we saw this....

And this is why we don't mind getting lost every once in a while! You just never know what you will find! ~Naomi

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