Saturday, April 16, 2011

Laura & Ben- Feb 26th 2011 (Warsaw IN Wedding Photographer)

Weddings are hard to blog.... simply because I cannot just pick 10 photos! I did that for the Sneak Peek, remember?! And believe me, that was hard! So anyway, here goes!

Laura was born to be a bride. She is so gorgeous, and not even a little tiny flurry of snow was going to ruin the perfect day reserved to be Her's! I don't think I've had a bride so calm and collected, at least on the outside. She was so ready to become Mrs Laborde!

A little note of encouragement from her sisters & bridesmaids. Even as she was walking down the aisle I had the chant of "Go Go, Go Laura!" in my head.

 As we were getting ready to head for the first look, I made her stop here because the light and the dress just were perfect for this shot.

Ben and Laura opted to see each other prior to the ceremony, and in her enthusiasm to see Ben, well, she left us in the dust! Ha ha!

Sometimes I don't get to see how good my husband is until after the wedding, when we're sorting and uploading photos. While I was capturing this...

 Samuel totally nailed this shot...

I love Moms with cameras!

I love this cute shot Samuel got of the Mannings waiting their turn for family photos.

 The flower girls were sisters, and such sweet girls. I can see why they are considered family.

Between the photos and the actual ceremony there was some down time, where some definite "chilling out" took place. This shoe shot from Sam captures that pretty well.

 And then it was TIME....

 Ben's father is a pastor, so he performed the ceremony. In addition to being a pastor, he is a genuinely funny guy! Gotta love someone who can make an entire room laugh.

Sometimes a photo really does say it all, ha ha, and here is my proof-

I love the mingling of family after a wedding. Nothing quite shows what a wedding is truly about like two families being brought together and caring for the new couple.

Let's keep the receiving line moooooooving!

Laura trying to sneak her shoes back on before the reception. I couldn't stay in high heels for that long either, so I can hardly blame a bride for ditching them! Besides, it always makes for interesting photos.

Making it official...

 A hug for a new mom and daughter...

Love, love, love this! Think of each of those bubbles as a blessing or hope from your friends and family. You two are so loved, and I hope every time you look at this photo, you remember that!

I probably wasn't the only one, but I was delighted to see that the Getaway Car was purple too! It was a fitting end!

Enjoy your life together- encourage and pray with each other, and don't forget to play as well! Have fun, be well, and always carry that love in your heart. The love that made you stand at the altar and take each other, never to be apart again. ~Naomi

PS~ For all of their photos, go to their gallery on our website! Thanks!

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