Sunday, January 9, 2011

Winter Wonderland

I love taking walks in the winter, and joy be mine, my husband gave me a teeny-tiny pocket camera for Christmas (surprise!) so I can walk a little more easily these days. (My last pocket camera was doomed to collect dust when I dropped it with the lens extended. I did get a really cool shot of a praying mantis before I dropped it though! Since then I've been carrying around one of our DSLRs when I walk, and it is hard on the neck!)

Here's a little collection of snaps from my walk this morning. Most of these photos were taken in the space between the ground & 4 feet. Never underestimate what you might find when you look down!

One last note- All my images from now on will be watermarked, as I found out people were "borrowing" them without asking permission. I don't like the added work, but I also don't like all those stories you hear about people being sued for copyright infringement... so on goes the watermark! ~Naomi

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