Saturday, June 26, 2010

Laura & Ben 6-26-10 Sneak Peek

Laura has to be one of my biggest fans. She asked us to photograph her wedding back in October... way before we had even dreamed of what we're now doing on a regular basis! Not only did she give us the kick we needed to start our business, but I wanted her wedding to be PERFECT in every way, so we worked our butts off to make it so! (Well, I did, but Sam is so skinny there wasn't anything to get rid of!) I had a super hard time picking what to share for the sneak peek of their special day because we have so many wonderful photos to chose from. Such a gorgeous couple, and as we've gotten to know Ben we can see why Laura is head-over-satin-heels for him!! We adore you both, and hope you have a fabulous time together on your honeymoon! Can't wait to share what we have for you when you come home! ~Naomi

Ben has a weakness for red tractors so we had to find a way to add that in:
My husband caught this one of Ben:
And I captured this one of Laura looking OH SO GORGEOUS:

 All I can say is that was quite a smooch!!

 The camo just makes any shot more fun:
 First dance together- made me sniffle a little behind my camera! I'm so happy for you two:

Just another of the little red tractor's appearances:

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  1. YAY....glad there is some pictures posted so quickly.

    I will be checking back for more.

    LOVE, Grandma Janie :)

    P.S. Thanks Sarah for sending this website address.


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