Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Our little family- June 2010

My husband & I can't have children... but that hasn't stopped us from filling our house with pets! They actually are our "kids" in many ways, including short attention spans & the ability to do many things for a treat. Sam's family needed a photo of us with the dogs & so we asked our friend, Katie Stine, to come out for the day & help us take photos. She really blew me away with what she captured!! Here are some highlights from the day- This first two are from me:

 I love how you can see Lizy looking back to be sure me & Duke are following!

Some from Katie:

I snapped this one of Miles, being OH SO adorable! He's a shy little thing so it isn't very often he looks at the camera, even for "Mommy"!

Kat got this one of Lizy:

These are all Kat:

Our "Three Musketeers":

We never miss a chance to smooch:

As a thank you to Kat we had her over for lunch- Sweet N Sour kebabs were on the menu, followed by gourmet s'mores. These are some photos I snapped-

How do you make gourmet s'mores, you ask-

And yes, they were every bit as heavenly as they look:

Thank you so much, Katie, for the wonderful day & the amazing photos!! Duke would be more than happy to give you some kisses, if you feel you need more compensation for the shoot! ~Naomi


  1. You're welcome! I'm glad I snapped some you liked. The only thing better than getting paid in kebabs and s'mores (other than real money, of course), is Flat Top. But we weren't in Fort Wayne.

  2. Yes, well FT is one place I *CAN* eat... so we'll have to meet there sometime.

    Thanks again! WE LOVE THEM!! Now I just have to pick which ones to frame....


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