Monday, June 28, 2010

Laura & Ben- June 2010 Wedding

Laura is a dear friend that I made while working in a vet clinic. She's a very special woman, and that shows simply in the amount of friends she makes & keeps. So many people at her wedding because she & Ben are so important! Here are a sample from the preparations of their wedding day. For more go to our facebook site.

Laura adding lipstick, her soon-to-be sister in law looking on:

Ben discovering cuff links aren't exactly an easy task to check off your list!
While this shot was being taken....
This was happening on the guys' side....
But not to worry, there were serious moments too-
The girls looking oh-so-gorgeous!
I just love shots like these-
We had a rather reluctant ring-bearer on our hands so we used creative means to add him to the wedding photos:
Now it's the guys' turn to look sharp-
Future competition?

Finally warming up to me:
I don't like being intrusive, but I wanted to get this snap of the pastor praying with the bride before the wedding:
I couldn't resist adding this one- the sheer joy!

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