Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Things I See- Why film? (Warsaw, IN Film Photographer)

To say I'm passionate about film is an understatement right now... I'm practically living and breathing it, and loving every minute of it!! About every other person I talk to asks me the "Why film?" question, and I'm pretty certain I give a different rambling answer each time- I love the look. It's required me to learn to be a better photographer. I just feel different when shooting film. I love the minimal process. I've always shot film, I'm just finally seeing why I loved it all these years.

I finally realized the real reason I am doing it, even though it is expensive, frustrating, exhilarating, etc, etc, ETC, is because I finally truly feel like an artist. I'm doing something that is almost elemental, and it has caused me to pause, and to truly consider everything. And I couldn't be more in love!!

This is my "newest" film camera. I actually bought it via FaceBook (not for the faint of heart) and it was a real steal!! From the moment I shot my first frame I KNEW this was MY camera!! It's manual, which means I have to do everything myself, and I love the connection I have to making it all work. I had gone through some frustrating moments earlier this year with various issues in different cameras- and so I shot 2 rolls of personal work, and 1 roll of professional work, and mailed them off to the FIND Lab with my heart in my throat!

I cried when I got these scans back... and not because they were that bad, but because they were that good! I could hardly believe this was my film work! (I didn't even know for sure if the camera worked! And I shot it without a light meter even!)

You can see the link above for the pro work, and here below is some of my personal rolls. I was made to shoot this camera...

If you still think I'm a bit cra-cra, that's ok, because I honestly don't care what anyone things about me anymore! I am finding myself and my style through film, and it is better than I expected!! And SO worth the journey! ~Naomi


  1. I love your photos (as always) and your excitement!

    1. Thank you!! And thanks for your comment! (Comments totally make my day!!)


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