Friday, March 30, 2012

Honesty & Hard Work. (Warsaw, IN Photographer)

I'm going to state something that might make me a bit unpopular, but I don't care. Recently there was a new website that hit the photography world, and it has received a lot of attention. I read it, laughed, and moved on with my life.

What made this particular website so popular was that it spouted info that was ludicrous to most photographers, because we know what it truly means to become a decent one, and because it catered to the wants of those who don't. 

There is no ten step program to becoming an amazing photographer- whether you shoot weddings or not. There are about ten billion different steps- and many of them are this: HARD. WORK.

I wanted to become a better photographer, so I started hitting the streets. I took photos of anything and everything. I moved back to film. I have this desire to not stop at where I am, but to move on and to hopefully knock your socks off! And reading blogs & websites that tell me to believe in myself aren't helping me get that way. Learning, studying, hard work, are helping me become who I want to be.

If someone tells you to believe in yourself, that's great! But believe that it also will take a ton of work to find out whether or not you are good at something. And when you realize you are, you can finally take a breath and recognize you did it! (But then you gotta go right back out and work hard again so you get even better!)


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