Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lily & Pete- First Look! (Lafayette IN Wedding Photographer)

I've got so many weddings to blog, and so I decided to cheat a bit and do the First Looks, because, well, they are my favorites. And this one is absolutely AH-Dor-AH-ble!

Lily and Pete are one of those couples that just fit together like pieces of a puzzle- a really really cute puzzle! We LOVED being a part of their day & I think the highlight was getting to witness Pete's reaction to seeing Lily for the first time on their wedding day!

Sam had the better view so we start with what he saw-
 Love the mischievous look on her face here-
 This was my view- and he actually said "WOW!!!!!" when he saw her!
 Love these portraits so much- these two are gonna have a fun marriage!
 This is just one example of why I love working with Sam- what we both saw in a moment!
 This was just TOO adorable not to include-
 Family showing up on time- the shock of it all! ;-)
 Had to include this one of Lily with all her sisters- love the back shot!
 And the wedding party- a gorgeous group of people!
Lily & Pete, may you treasure your reactions forever. There is nothing quite like a husband who wows when he sees his wife! ~Naomi

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