Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Cole Family- 1 year! (Indiana Family Photographer)

I was having a bad day when I got the text. My brother, my Sister-In-Love (a phrase she coined, but we all use) and their adorable daughter all live too far away on the west coast. Can't blame them though, Washington state is gorgeous and appealing. I have often felt like my own journey may one day lead there.

Anyway, back to the text message. "Guess who is doing S's 1 year photos?!!"

Me, in a bad mood: "I dunno. Who?"

My Sis-In-Love: "YOU!!!!"

Ok, and bad mood is gone!!!!!  Their little family were able to visit Indiana a few weeks ago, and while here I got to capture S growing up again! (If you remember, we were able to do photos when they were here for Christmas- Link!)

Here's just a sample of my precious niece:

Love this one of her showing Daddy how to "smell" the flowers:
Chris & Chanti, we love taking photos of your little family. You are so blessed! ~Naomi

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