Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Melissa + Zech = LOVE! (Warsaw, IN Wedding Photographer)

So hard to blog about weddings... so many wonderful photos to show, and yet I don't want to make your eyes cross!

One of the best parts of Melissa & Zech's day was the dress. Not just the dress because it was gorgeous and perfectly "Melissa", but because it was a secret!

I'll never forget her slinking up to me at the rehearsal, and going "Guess what?!" Before I could answer, with a sparkle in her eyes, she told me- "Mom and I found a new dress! And it is PERFECT! And nobody has seen it, but me and Mom! Zech has no idea!! It's going to be a complete surprise!" So I was already in love with the entire idea of the secret dress, and then I saw it, and it WAS perfect! And it was so much fun to capture the looks she got revealing her surprise to everyone!

Melissa and Zech, we love you guys and loved being a part of your special day! Looking forward to the future addition in your family, and being able to capture you grow! ~Naomi

PS~ They did a seriously adorable First Look, and the Sneak Peek I put up really is cute too, so be sure to check the links out! And, if you do like your eyes crossing, feel free to check out their gallery on our website!

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  1. Awesome pictures Naomi....beautiful bride and groom


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