Sunday, July 10, 2011

Heather & Keith Sneak Peek- Warsaw IN Wedding Photography

I called this a "Pop-up wedding" because like a pop-up storm, it wasn't on our radar! Luckily we had the weekend open and were able to capture this special wedding- not just a wedding of two people, but a family coming together.

And what could be more romantic than wanting to get married under the willow tree in your parents' lawn?

This is the groom seeing his bride for this first time, and Heather's son seeing his mom come down the aisle.

In addition to very touching vows to each other, Keith said vows to Heather's son. Definitely some tears from the audience!

The happy, gorgeous couple!

I don't suppose you can be a mom and have your first dance completely uninterrupted!

Mom and son dance, so adorable!

Heather & Keith, thanks for letting us capture your special day! We hope you continue to grow together as a family and that your love is always shining as bright as we saw yesterday!

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