Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Daphne The Spider

This blog post is about a spider. Yep. So you've been warned. I understand that there are many people who don't like spiders, and won't even be the least bit interested in this. There are people wondering what the heck a spider has to do with a wedding photographer anyway! Well, read on, and you will find out.

Few things to know about me- when I say I love all animals, I mean ALL animals! Also, I like rooting for the underdog, be it the Cubs or a misunderstood creature of God. And I also take photos of everything.

I also have several chronic pain conditions that from time to time flare up and make my life a lot harder to live! One is a disease called Interstitial Cystitis (also know as Painful Bladder Syndrome). Some doctors will tell you it isn't even a real disease, but I will tell you that as a patient, it can make your life not worth living. I also have several other medical conditions related to the IC, such as Endometriosis, and another disease so painful & private most people won't even talk about it. I've come a very long way as a patient- exercise, diet, physical therapy, drugs, supplements, short of voo-doo, I've been through the ringer. Many days it works, and I count my blessings and pray for all my fellow patients who are having bad days (months, years, etc).

This past month I kinda hit a dark spot. And along came a spider...

I first noticed the web late one evening as we were coming home. It stood out in my mind because it isn't every day that you find a spider web on the top of your car! I just assumed the spider had made the web, then decided a moving home really wasn't her thing.

Next morning, I almost get into my car when I see this-

She's there, alive & kicking! And enjoying all the bugs we caught the night before from driving through the country!

I told my husband, Sam, her name is "Daphne" and she is allowed to stay as long as she likes!

Not only was I inspired by her ingenuity, but every time I drove somewhere her web was eventually destroyed, and every morning I would go out to my car to find she had spun another one overnight.

In addition to making a web, she came up with this neat little "cave" at the base of the antenna, where she would go while I drove! It was even waterproof!

Sadly, this past week she disappeared. There is still a wisp of her web atop my car, and I've left it there as a reminder that you can still create beauty, even in unlikely circumstances.

Thanks, God, for the reminder!

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  1. Beauty in the eye of the beholder! And yet without your story the true understanding of the photos wouldn't be nearly as strong. Thank you for sharing!


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