Saturday, June 25, 2011

A heart for Peru

 "There are none so impoverished as those who do not acknowledge the abundance of their lives." ~Richard Paul Evans, The Sunflower

This is going to be a very short version of a long story- a story that will be continuing to write itself as life goes on.

My husband and I, through various health issues & medications, cannot have children by natural means. We have tried that route and it didn't end well. This past Christmas we really felt a tugging on our hearts to pursue adoption. So far, it hasn't gone very well either. Basically, we don't make enough money to be able to go through the entire adoption process right now, and we also found that because our dog Duke is a Pitbull Terrier our home study would not be approved. God isn't saying "No!", but He sure is saying "Wait!".

Add a million sighs to the last sentence. *wry smile*

We've really been praying about how to continue, as we don't want to just give up on adoption, but we also feel a deep need to help others- and suddenly an idea fell into our laps! I sat down on the couch, and the book Samuel was reading literally fell in my lap. I picked it up, and saw it was one of my favorite Richard Paul Evan's novels- The Sunflower. The book is a novel, but the orphanage (The Sunflower) is a real place, and is based on Evan's own experiences traveling with his daughter to Peru.

Samuel & I had been talking about using our photography work to support a charitable project- and we found one! After some research we decided to "adopt" an orphaned child from Peru, through the Eagle-Condor Humanitarian Organization. We are going to start donating $5 from every photo session we do (and $50 from each wedding) to a little fund we've set up called "Project Peru". Our first goal is to adopt an orphan by the end of this year. Any extra we have will be saved towards our goal of joining a humanitarian trek to Peru.

We are continuing to pray about our own personal adoption story, and we would love if it you would too! In the mean time, if you know someone who is in need of photography services, be sure to tell them about Naomi & Samuel Karth, of Double K Photography!

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  1. Naomi!!!!!! I am so excited!!!! What an amazing answer to prayer for the time being and what an interesting way God does it!! isn't it interesting how God does things?


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