Sunday, February 6, 2011

Justin- Newborn (Warsaw, IN Newborn Photographer)

It's usually good to have your newborn photographer lined up at least 4 weeks in advance- so when Justin arrived 4 weeks early, I was just as surprised as his family was!

Justin is a very inquisitive little guy- and he really made me work to get those adorable sleeping photos everyone expects of newborns. Having just learned to sleep through the night, we caught him on the day he was least likely to just snuggle down & make our job easy. I love what we ended up with, and I hope his family treasures these captures!

 I love this one of them all looking down at him. You can't see him, but you sure can see the love on their faces-

Ok, I love baby toes, I'll admit it! (This is a Sam catch)-

Having a little conversation with Mommy-

A special collage I did. I think it turned out well-

For the rest of his photos, check our website!

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