Sunday, July 11, 2010

Laura & Ben- June 2010 Wedding

It's sometimes so hard to pick what to share... I have over 500 wedding photos and I really must chose only a few to share. (Don't want your eyes to get tired!) So here are some highlights. (You can hop over to our facebook page for more, if you need more!)

This is a great one of the bride being escorted by not one, but two dads!

We're all laughing, because Ben's cell went off to remind him that he needed to be some place!

This one is so adorable... and Laura told me he was telling her how beautiful she was! *MELTS*

It was so hot out, but definitely fun:

Look at all those layers- and I thought I was hot in black pants!!

Sam caught this one- I love it:

Me, helping keep the dress clean!

These are just so much fun to do:

Possibly my favorite from the entire set-

Gotta enjoy those speech reactions!

Will he...

Oh yeah-

Had to share this one of the bride's step-dad hamming it up-

I'll end with this one of Laura helping release Ben from his tuxedo-
I'm so glad you love the photos! Thanks for letting us share in your special day!! ~Naomi

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