Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Jake- Class of 2010 (Spring)

Jake was such a good sport we decided to have another session! He was much more relaxed this time out, even with all the bugs & heat we had to contend with! Congratulations on graduating! Best of luck in the future!

 I'm finding that I really like the intentionally overexposed look. I really like this one:

I told him that I know this is pretty much a normal senior pose, but I think it worked well. Guy Leaning On Tree:

My personal favorite from the session... of course using the reflector to get that "glow" as Jake's brother put it, really does help:

Love the serious look! It took a few tries to get it though, as we both started laughing:

Sam captures:

Back to me:

Another Sam capture:

Since Jake's mom & brother tagged along for the session, I asked them to step in so I could get a couple family photos- First is mine, 2nd one was caught by Sam:

This last series was done by Sam. While Lori & I were talking, the boys went poking around along the river. Since Sam loves to do candids, he followed the boys:

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