Saturday, February 6, 2010

Krista & Benjamin- Engagment

For it being so cold out, this ended up being quite an awesome shoot! I really had a hard time picking some of these, but I love what we ended up with! Big thumbs up to my couple for sticking with us during shooting, even though it was so cold! You both did an amazing job & it really shows!






This was so cute... Just checkin' out their shoes!


 Krista really trusts her man... I wouldn't have gotten out on the ice for anything, even just two inches of ice!





I am in love with the color of Krista's scarf! (Which she is using for one of her wedding colors! Awesome!) And it works really well with Benjamin's almost neon red hat!


I couldn't resist adding a little sparkle to the ring! Aww!









These last two are undoubtedly some of my favorites of the set! Just warms your heart!  (Which is really good, since it was super cold out!)

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