Wednesday, December 2, 2009


We got a new printer/scanner last week. I've been scanning from pictures that I like & haven't shared online yet. First up is one of the very first pictures I took with my first manual camera. Duke is so expressive & I was compelled to use a limited depth of field to show just how much.Then there's our latest cat edition, Leia, who is probably the most expressive of our cats. She was watching "cat tv" for the first time of the year & I interrupted her to catch this look.
This was taken during Kosciusko's Taste of Agriculture. Someone had just dumped these piglets in the back of a pickup. The owner showed up to find 4 pigs in his pickup bed!
This is one of a pair of twin fawns I used to see on the Beyer Farm Greenway. I believe my heart stopped while I was shooting this little guy up close.

Orangutan at the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo. Love Orangutans, hate that exhibit.
Kangaroo at Ft Wayne too. I was learning to use my zoom lens at the time.
I love this set of a flamingo from the John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids, MI.

And to finish with another bird, this is an egret from the Australian exhibit, also from the Ft Wayne Zoo.

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