Tuesday, December 8, 2009


These are our entries for the 2009 Warsaw Community Public Library Photo Contest. Sam's are first. I had to pick them for him because he thought all his photos were not worthy. *shakes head*

Samuel Karth- Autumn Color

I'm a little nervous about having my face hanging in public like this, but it is one of his better shots from this year.

Samuel Karth- Naomi In Roses
My color pick is this macro I did of Leia. She's the only one of our cats that holds still enough for me to get macro shots!

Naomi Karth- Princess Leia
And this is possibly one of the best pictures I've ever made. I love it & am glad to have a reason to frame it so we can have it on our wall now!

Naomi Karth- Cincinnati Angel


  1. You two are very talented! Keep up the amazing work...


  2. This photo blog is wonderful, and I love "Double K Photography". Great name.

  3. Aww, thanks! We sometimes try really hard, and sometimes, you just shoot something (like the last one) and your jaw drops when you finally see it in print!

    Gina, we're trying to come up with a logo that has a western feel to it. Sorta like a brand. Neither of us is very technically inclined so I'll have to figure out what to do to actually make one!

  4. You are both amazing photographers - don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

    And I'm still planning on flying y'all out here someday when I get married to do my wedding photos... ;o)

  5. Deal! I'd relish any reason to be back on the west coast! (And eventually I'd like to be situated there for real.)


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