Sunday, July 15, 2012

Chicago Bound! (Warsaw, IN Film Photographer)

So, I've rambled on here before about how I'm going to a film photography workshop in Chicago, and TODAY is the day I leave! (Please feel free to keep me, Naomi, in your prayers!)

I've been working so hard this year- to fund the workshop, to follow my heart, to find my voice. Part of following my heart (and raising funds) was I decided to offer some mini-sessions earlier last month. I was concerned about finding variety unique to each family, and was concerned with what I would capture in 30 minutes, but I'm so excited to finally share the results with you! Each family was so unique in their own way, and I definitely was able to capture who they were in that time frame! I'll be doing minis again, I'm sure, but probably in a cooler month!

Thanks to everyone who helped me reach my goal. Thanks to those who've watched us grown & encouraged us. We love you all! ~Naomi

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