Saturday, September 3, 2011

Heidi & Paul- Sneak Peek (Winona Lake IN Wedding Photographer)

When we love those whom we serve, it is no longer a job, but a pleasure.

The pleasure was all ours today, in capturing Heidi and Paul's special wedding. Hope you enjoy this little sliver of the tasty cake that was their day!

I could not resist this smile! I mean, who could?!
The paper flowers are a tribute to Heidi's mother, who was definitely watching from heaven, and I'm sure she had just as great of a time as we did!
 Cotton Candy is for kids of ALL ages!
 Don't you just L-O-V-E her dress?! The trail was a bit of a hassle, and weighed a ton, but so worth it to make photos like this!
 See, everyone thought she wanted the knife to cut the cake... Ha ha!
 I'm going to finish off with this super-sweet one of them in their first dance... (I hope no one was counting that I went a few over 10 with this sneak *coughsevencough*, but I couldn't help myself!)
Heidi and Paul, you two are an amazing couple! We hope you have a blast on the honeymoon! I'll bet there are rubies just waiting for you two!! Thanks for all the fun! ~Naomi


  1. Love the pictures! Thanks for all your work at the wedding, Karth's. Heidi and Paul make your job a bit easier since they look like movie stars!!

  2. I gotta say, you two are absolutely amazing photographers!!! The coolest perspectives and most creative ways of capturing this day. Bravo!

  3. Thanks, ladies!! :)

    Yeah, those two being so gorgeous really does make our job easier!

  4. Okay, I have to comment again. What I loved about you both as photographers was how you blended right in with the wedding. You weren't ordering anyone into stiff, posed pictures the whole time; instead you captured the experience of the wedding as it happened. That went right along with the personalities of the bride and groom- fun, happy, relaxed. Your method of creatively photographing the wedding helps to tell the story of the wedding...and really, that's what you want to remember 10, 20, 50 years later.

  5. Thanks, Konda! That is the best compliment we could get!

    Our job is to be AT the wedding, not IN it!


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