Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Finding your passion

This post is going to seem a little random in some ways. A couple weeks ago we had a bride ask us if she could see some of our own wedding photos. Since our wedding anniversary is on Saturday, I thought that this might be appropriate to share, but mostly because this post is actually about film- and our precious day was captured (mostly by us) on film. We obviously didn't take the following sequence- it was snapped by our best man, Johnny, to whom we will be FOREVER grateful!

And if you want to know more about the tennis ball (Wilson), you really should ask me in person! The story is just too good to tell on a blog!

So, back to film, last week I entered a Twitter contest put on by Jonathon Canlas and to my surprise, I actually won! I won a copy of his FIND (Film Is Not Dead) guide and a pack of film! To win, he had asked followers to Tweet how they find and refine their vision.

My Tweet was: "I'm finding myself stepping away from what I thought I liked, and pursuing what I LOVE."

And, to follow up on that, we are looking at changing some of the ways that we do our photography, and how we offer our services. 2012 is going to see some changes for Double K, but they will be great & awesome changes! We hope you'll stick around to see what is in store! ~Naomi

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