Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Taylor- Class of 2011 (Warsaw IN Senior Photographer)

I love photographing seniors.

I love photographing laid-back seniors even more, and Taylor was just that! A fun, easy-going guy, who was great to work with. If only the weather had been as easy! It was sunny, then cloudy, then even sunnier, etc! Of course, my husband Samuel quickly brought me back to reality by reminding me that was why I was getting paid! Thanks, Honey. Ha ha!

This wasn't what I had intended to get, but between my flash not cooperating & the lighting changing so much- I kinda like it:

Sam usually just assists me during senior session- he helps with lighting & carries the extra camera. He caught this shot when I wasn't needing him & I liked it so much it made the final cut!

This was captured with my tiny little pocket camera- LOVE it!

Another pocket camera shot. They aren't perfect, but I love the effect!

All in all, we got some great shots. Best wishes for your future, Taylor! ~Naomi

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