Friday, March 4, 2011

The Dress!

I'm going to give a little advice to brides-to-be here. Let your photographer spend some time with your dress & shoes.

You've spent time & money finding that perfect dress, and those adorable shoes to go with it- now let us capture some photos of them before they are put to good use! Once you wear that dress, no matter how careful you are, there is usually a little wear & tear that comes from the wedding day. Give your photographer a chance to capture those tiny, beautiful details!! You won't regret it!

And a professional photographer is going to understand what you went through to find The Dress, and how important it is to you, and we will take the utmost care that it is in perfect condition when it is returned to you! Promise!! ~Naomi

PS~ Something to think about, but if you aren't willing to trust your photographer with your dress, can you trust them with your photos?


  1. if you were my photographer...i would trust you :) you guys are really awesome!

  2. Thanks, Christa!! :)

    For the record, Laura (the above bride) totally trusted me with her dress & shoes- which is how I ended up with these amazing shots!!

    Thanks to Laura too, for letting me have my fun!! <3

  3. Thanks for the tip =) Not that its going to be me anytime soon but will tuck that away! Love the picts as always!

  4. You never know... ;)

    When you are in that position, if you aren't hiring me (I know there are many awesome photogs around this area) you are, at the least, getting my opinion on who you might hire! :-P


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