Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Carters- 6months Dec 2010 (Warsaw Family Photographers)

Last week we headed to the Carter home to capture Lincoln's 6 month photos, plus get a few Christmasy photos too. Jenna had wished so much for snow... so it was especially wonderful that it snowed almost the whole day!

This is the only capture I got where he didn't pop the ornament in his mouth... those are pretty cute too though-

It was rather amusing that we showed up to take their photos wearing our Bears sweatshirts. Ah, Indiana. ;-)

I LOVE this shot- Mom & Dad are just trying to stay warm, and here Lincoln is having the time of his life with the snowflakes!

 After we got nice & warm again, I took a few silhouette shots, which I love most out of the whole set-

Here's a link to their gallery of photos on our website too.

Thanks, Carter Family, for such a fun afternoon! We've loved watching your family grow! ~Naomi

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