Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Heather & Damian- 10th anniversary

Heather is one of my heroes, no kidding! She's one of the first (and best) animal activists I've ever met. She's vegan, helps rescue pet rats, and actually brought two new boys for us to adopt to the photo session! (We carried them around in their pet carrier during the shoot, so they wouldn't get too hot in the car.) Damian is awesome because he's married to Heather! A few weeks ago I did a "casting call" for couples models & they won the contest, with their plea of an almost 11 year gap in photos of them together. I took the bait, and have got some nice shots to share with you all! ~Naomi

I really love this shot- it's cute & whimsical

Sam catches-

He got this...

While I was rolling on the concrete getting this...

This shot was taken at an old abandoned truck stop.... can you believe it?!
Thanks you two, for being such great models!!

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