Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sanders Family- Aug 2010

Christa & I were pen pals for a long time growing up. We both came from exceptionally large families (hers has 11 kids, there are 10 in mine) and we were all home schooled, so we had a lot in common. One of the conveniences of modern technologies, like facebook, is that it can allow you to re-connect with someone you haven't seen in years. Such was the case with us! In addition to having the most adorable daughter ever born, they happened to be in need of some family photos... so when Sam & I took a day off our "real jobs" to spend some time in Indy, we took a half hour out of our day to snap some photos of Christa & her family. ~Naomi

Here are some of my favorites:

Have I mentioned how much I love my husband's ability to catch moments like this:

I had to include this one because I just LOVE LOVE LOVE how tiny her hand looks in her daddy's!

She was sharing her rose petals so I could smell them:

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